Underwater drilling and pinning

RenOcean has developed a unique drilling technique. Our Downhole hammer is connected directly to the drill bit.

The RenOcean Drilling technology design is with non-power lost through the drill string during drilling operation. And it does not matter if the borehole is 10 or 1000 meters long, the high efficiency remains through the whole distance.

Driven by use of incompressible power that gives us benefits as higher efficiency, higher pressure and lower losses are achieved. It also enables us to drill small borehole dimensions. 

We can drill borehole sizes from 50 to 250 mm.

RenOcean Drilling technique uses no oil, which eliminates the risk of any oil polluting the water. This is often a strict requirement when drilling in maritime areas.

By use of RenOcean Drilling technique, we eliminate risk of pressurising the formation.

The likelihood of pressurising the formation is very low with RenOcean Drilling technique . This is always a risk when drilling with air-powered equipment. Cracks and cavities in the formation will be at risk of expanding drastically with expanding air.

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