Subsea Trenching

REN Raptor trenching equipped

The REN Raptor can be equipped with a jet or mechanical  trenching system, This means REN Raptor  utilizing its water pump system equipped with jet trencher sword or mechanical trenching is able to perform burial of power cables, fiber optic cables, umbilicals and pipelines in varying soil conditions.

The control on flow and pressure to the trenching swords in forward direction, undercut and backfill jets allows adjustable jetting performance of the tool according to various seabed conditions, without having to recover the vehicle as soil conditions change.

The REN Raptor consists of a remote operated tracked vehicle, a self-contained control cabin, a power distribution unit and an umbilical winch. The REN Raptor is designed to be launched by vessel or A-frame and operate safely in weather conditions of up to Sea State 5.

REN Raptor utilizes high end technology to provide advanced telemetry and control over vehicle’s operation. Moreover, integrated video and data logging systems allow real time evaluation as well as post processing capabilities.

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