RenOcean operates a fleet of state-of-the-art sub sea related technologies, ROVs, subsea intervention tooling & dredging assets.

RenOcean’s main assets is designed and manufactured in-house and RenOcean has an extensive ready-to-use tool pool.

Renocean has an unrivalled dredging capability; that include dredging and burial solutions with vehicle either pre-mobilised or as stand-alone asset hire.

RenOcean has a large marine base facilities in the middle of Norway and is represented in UK and the Netherlands.

RenOcean’s experience and cross trained personnel, combined with suitable RenOcean spread, form the unique service package that RenOcean offers.

Markets RenOcean serves

Norway main office

Switchboard +47 465 01 510


Kvalvågveien 502, N-6522 Frei, Norway

UK office

Switchboard +47 465 01 510


Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, UK